Chefs and Services for Retreats offers a wide variety of Personalized Services and Concierge for all your needs.

Years of experience have given us the opportunity to offer luxury services to business and leisure travelers. With Chefs and Services for Retreats, any special need will be treated professionally and discreetly, offering our services throughout the year and with the highest quality.

We have highly recognized Chefs, Experienced Waiters, Butlers, Private Transportation, Event Organizers, Rental and Sale of Luxury real estate almost everywhere in the world.

Maybe you are looking for a helicopter for a business trip, you want to discover places by plane, you want to treat yourself to driving a Ferrari or traveling in a Private Jet, Chefs and Services will make all this possible.

Chefs and Services, also offers high-level gastronomic services à la carte, our prestigious and experienced Chefs.

They organize dream days for you, your family, your group of friends or your company and will make the experience unforgettable.

For those looking for a Luxury Villa, either to buy or rent and have a dream life, there is no better option than Chefs and Services for Retreats.

Following the innovative spirit of our company, beyond the impressive properties and the personal touch that our agents provide, we are the only ones that can offer you a lifestyle to suit you. On our website you will find a wide range of properties for sale and rent around the world.

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