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We offer gastronomic services of the highest level.

We offer gastronomic services of the highest level. We will take care of carrying out tasks such as Nutrition, Cooking Courses, Catering at Home, Chefs for Villas and Yachts, Chefs for Events, Gastronomic Marketing Campaigns for companies or Chef for Vacations.
We have highly recognized Chefs, trained together with Michelin stars, Finalists and Winners in National and International Competitions, as well as television, using the latest avant-garde trends.
They organize dream days for you, your family, your group of friends or your company and will make the experience unforgettable.
If you wish, they can make you a nutritional program, with HEALTHY products according to your dietary needs, healthy food that will make you feel good. Different styles of cooks, everything tailored to what you are looking for in your stay and make it a dream.
At the same time, the Chefs are in charge of the purchases looking for local products (km 0) for the most part organic, biodynamic so that the result of their dishes is exquisite and healthy, with the latest trends.
The chef and his team will be at your home without noticing your presence, they will take care of the table service, explaining the details of each dish so that you can enjoy a unique experience with the comfort of a restaurant without leaving home. A highly discreet and professional service.
We also do an infinity of tailor-made COOKING COURSES with the best Chefs.
Our forte in Spain would be the typical Tapas and Paellas, but we also teach the gastronomic cuisine of the area depending on each location.

Nikkei cooking course, (Japanese fusion Peruvian cuisine) will teach us to apply Japanese techniques using Peruvian ingredients to create dishes that will surprise everyone.

Sushi cooking course, each attendee will prepare their own rolls and makisushi that you will taste at the end of the workshop

Cantonese Cooking Course, you will learn to cook some of the typical slightly spicy Cantonese dishes. Cantonese fried rice, pad thai, typical pickles, as well as some dessert from this wonderful region of Guangdong (China).

Avant-garde and Molecular Cooking Course using new avant-garde culinary techniques, and developing new products, gastronomic proposals and multisensory experiences. Learn to make your first spherifications, types of foams, airs or sighs, learn to texturize liquids and when you finish the course you will be able to apply it without any problem in your usual kitchen and surprise all your guests as if a great chef were there with you.

Italian Cooking Course, you will learn in a very simple and easy way to create and make original Italian recipes such as a good pizza dough, fresh pasta, ravioli, salads as well as its best-known dessert, tiramisu.

French Cooking Course, this style of cooking is considered among the best in the world but mastering its traditional recipes can be a challenge. Learn the foundations that masters like Paul Bocuse installed in kitchens around the world

You can also have fun with your children doing a small Italian Cooking Workshop, which is what the little ones in the house like the most and make some pizzas, fresh pasta and then eat it with them or even a small Pastry Workshop so they can play with the chocolate.
On the other hand, Chefs who have been in National and International Championships or Contest Champions, offer their best dishes that have led them to the top, winning awards and prestige throughout their lives, in specialized courses to learn how to make those dishes. who won those contests and take them home explaining step by step how to do them.

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